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Competitively priced     Frequency Inverters
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  • Goodrive 20-EU Series

  • Goodrive 20-EU Series

  • 2.2kW Drive

  • 2.2kW Drive

  • 7.5kW Drive

  • 7.5kW Drive

  • Side by side DIN Rail mounting

  • External keypad connected through RJ45 LAN cable

  • Keypad remotely connected through RJ45 LAN cable

  • External keypads: With parameter copy function and without

  • Common DC bus supply (400V; ≥4kW)

  • Safe Torque function ON/OFF through jumper setting

Goodrive 20-EU Series

General Purpose V/F and Open Loop Vector Control Inverter
with Safe Torque Off (STO) function.
Tailored for the European market.

1. V/F and Sensorless Vector Control
2. External keypad for parameters copy
3. Common DC bus supply (400V; ≥4kW)
4. Starting torque up to 0.5Hz/150%
5. Built-in DC reactor for inverters ≥18.5kW
6. Built-in braking unit (standard ≤37kW, optional ≥45kW)
7. Standard C3 filter (≥4kW), optional C3 & C2 filter (≤2.2kW)
8. Side by side installation of multiple inverters
9. ACT Certificate from TÜV SÜD

Certification: CE Marked, UL Marked

Protection IP20

Single-phase:   0.4kW to 2.2kW
Three-phase:   0.75kW to 110kW

Available Ex Stock (up to 110kW) !!
Goodrive 300-EU Series

High Performance Open Loop Vector Control Inverters
For Asynchronuous Induction Motors and
Synchronuous Permanent Magnet Motors

1. Advanced V/F and Sensorless Vector Control
2. Multiple motor supply compatible
3. Acurate motors autotuning
4. Advanced three-phase modulation
5. Multiple braking modes for instant stopping
6. Support common DC bus supply
7. DC power supply available
8. MODBUS, PROFIBUS+Ethernet as standard, CANopen optional
9. ACT Certificate from TÜV SÜD

Certification: CE Marked

Protection IP20

Voltage 380V:   1.5kW to 500kW
Voltage 660V:   22kW to 630kW

Available at short lead times !!

                                                  *External C2 filter available
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