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Marking of Electric Motors for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres - ATEX Regulations

Conditions and Subdivisions - For more information click on Zones Marking on operating equipment
Flammable Materials Temporary behaviour of explosive atmosphere Classification
of Hazardous Area
(Dir 94/9/EC)
(Dir 94/9/EC)
Protection Level (EN60079-0)
Gases & vapours Present continuously or for long periods or frequently Zone0 II 1G II Ga
Present occasionally in normal operation Zone1 II 2G II Gb
Not likely to be present in normal operation
or will be short term only
Zone2 II 3G II Gc
Dust Continuously present in clouds, or present for long periods or frequently Zone20 II 1D III Da
Occasionally develops into a cloud during normal operation Zone21 II 2D III Db
Is not likely to develop into a cloud during normal operation or is short term only Zone22 II 3D III Dc

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Type Examination Certification explained

Frequent Flammable Gases

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